Musical Theatre / Cabaret

Peter Allen
“The Boy from Oz”  2018
The Production Company
Photographer : Jeff Busby

Gary May’s expertise in implicitly understanding the voice and its mechanics is unparalleled. Combined with an intrinsic knowledge of how to completely communicate every aspect of those fundamentals is invaluable to me as an artist. He has helped me fully understand the voice and apply his brilliant vocal technique and theories to any style I am singing. I am indebted to him for helping develop my singing voice.

Rohan Browne - Musical Theatre Performer / Dancer
I worked with Gary for a three month period in the lead up to the Australian premiere of A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder. The role of Monty Navarro was a huge undertaking for me. I had studied classical voice - but some 20 years ago, and had never had the responsibility of helming a main stage musical. Gary is an absolute master. He has an incredible depth of knowledge that is always expanding through his passion and genuine love for singing. His techniques are practical, simple and effective. Many ingrained bad habits were gradually unpicked and replaced with a strong, simple technique that felt easy and that I could trust completely. By the end of our time together I had absolute confidence in my ability to take on the role, which involved singing 12 songs in two hours of stage time, for eight shows a week. Don’t bother going to anyone else. Go straight to Gary, he’s quite simply the best we have.
Chris Ryan - Musical Theatre Performer / Actor

Monty Navarro
“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”
The Production Company
Photo : Jeff Busby

Australian Production
"Kinky Boots"
I came to Gary at a low point. I was struggling to get back on the horse after a demanding show hadleft me exhausted with swollen chords and unable to sing. At the age of 29, 8 years into my career I was worried that a new technical approach was going to be foreign and create confusion. I was too set
in my ways, like most people are. Gary's approach was pure brilliance. He immediately knew the kind of person I was and worked out a way to give new information that would stick by me and support me. His lesson breakdown was great. Extremely helpful and for me, lifesaving.
Callum Francis - Musical Theatre Performer


Learning with Gary has been one of the best decisions I've made in my career. In our two years of working together, my voice has transformed into a more dynamic, flexible and consistent instrument. Gary's passion and commitment to vocal technique is nothing short of inspiring. Best of all, he is a gifted teacher who has the ability to translate the best technique with clear and satisfying approaches. He is particularly attuned to the evolving demands of the working musical theatre performer. My lessons have ensured my voice is producing a dynamic and uncompromised sound for the full 8-show week.
Amy Lehpamer - Musical Theatre Performer

Australian Production
"The Sound of Music"

Australian Production
"Fiddler on the Roof"
Gary has fixed, problem solved, trained, prepared and enriched my voice over the past 6 years. I came to Gary to find my own sound and to learn how to sing. I completed his 10 lesson course and by the end of the course my voice had already shifted and my technique was stronger. He is such an incredible teacher. Gary just knows how to train the voice and in a safe and correct way. His knowledge on the body and the anatomy of the voice is astounding and all his teachings are based on your own individual body and sound. I have trained my Music Theatre belt/mix through to Classical and Opera technique. Through training with Gary I have learned not only how to sing, but how to sing safely, and how to use my technique to gain work on many different/versatile musicals that have required different vocal qualities and technique. He is the best!!
Monica Swayne - Musical Theatre Performer

Gary's knowledge and insight for detail of the human voice is astounding. His lessons are invaluable! He cleared up any questions or uncertainties I had on vocal technique. Each lesson I discovered something new to add to my tool box. Having sung mainly Music Theatre and Contemporary belt Gary's clear technique prepared me to feel completely comfortable and confident in my Soprano role as Magnolia in 'Show Boat.' I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to truly discover their full range of voice.

Alinta Chidzey - Musical Theatre / CCM Singer

The Production Company

Sophia Duarte
"The Mapmaker's Opera"
New York Music Theatre Festival
Photo : Michael Blase

Gary's method of teaching has developed my voice beyond my expectations. His knowledge base is unparalleled. He has taught me to attack unfamiliar and challenging areas of my voice with strength and confidence. Gary instils an innate sense of trust in his coaching. His praise is not given lightly, so you can believe his comments are sincere and take pride when he confirms your improvement.
 I have recently performed with Victorian Opera and I have just returned from playing the lead role in a new Off-Broadway musical. I received many compliments and comments regarding Gary’s training and how it showed in my vocal quality.
 I cannot praise Gary enough and I have absolutely no doubt that my voice is where it is at today because of his amazing teaching ability
Madeleine Featherby : Musical Theatre / Opera Performer

Gary May is an exceptional singing teacher and technician, who has helped me reach a new level of vocal freedom. I trust him with my instrument and recommend him highly.

Adrian Li Donni - Musical Theatre Performer


Lun Tha
Opera Australia's Production
"The King and I"
Photo : Brian Geach

Australian Production
"The Addams Family"

You know those teachers who you come across early in your career, that you look back on now, and know that they have had a massive influence on you becoming the performer you are today?
Gary May is one of mine.
I started singing with Gary in 2009, and continue to have lessons with him every time I get back to Melbourne.
One of the things I love most about Gary is that he is constantly researching, developing ideas, then passing on his knowledge to his students. His understanding of the voice is like no other, his process is simple, and after every lesson I walk away having achieved something.
I am so grateful for his constant belief in me and my voice. Can't recommend him enough!
Thanks Gary.
Teagan Wouters - Musical Theatre Performer
As a professional singer for the last ten years I have had my fair share of hurdles to jump, as most of us do.  The support I have had from Gary May in the four years I have studied with him, has been an invaluable help in being able to jump right over and well clear of those never ending career hurdles.  His incredible piano skills, his in depth scientific knowledge of vocal anatomy and his endless repertoire of music make him an extremely well-rounded teacher.  Not only has he helped me build a reliable and solid vocal technique, he has also given me the confidence and self belief that is required to keep getting out there and do what we do.  He is both a mentor and a teacher to me.  Even when I am off performing in another state, he always takes the time to pick up the phone and advise me on whatever dilemma I might be facing at the time.  I look forward to every lesson and always leave feeling thoroughly worked and inspired.  Gary May is a rare find and I would not be hitting the heights that I am in my career without him.

Rosie Harris - Musical Theatre / Opera / Concert Performer

Australian Production
"Shane Warne - The Musical"
Photo: Neil Bennet

Australian Production 
"Mamma Mia"
When someone asks me who I would recommend as a singing teacher, I always say the same thing; Gary May! When I started learning with Gary I noticed changes in my sound within weeks. His teaching methods have given me a clear understanding of the physical workings of the voice and allowed me to develop a strong, safe, reliable technique in many varying genres. Currently I am singing ABBA 8 shows a week but in my lessons we are looking at Puccini.  Gary is a wonderful, reliable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive teacher whom I cannot speak more highly of.

Suzie Mathers - Musical Theatre Performer

I was a student of Gary May from November 2002 until his departure in January 2004. During this time Gary transformed my voice, which I believe was the major influence in my securing the role of Ulla in the Australian production of The Producers currently showing at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.
Gary's teaching is inspiring. At the conclusion of every lesson I left empowered by Gary's knowledge of the voice. Unlike some deeply knowledgeable teachers he imparts only the appropriate information with clarity and personal attention.
He constantly strove to make my understanding more complete which became the foundation of a comprehensive technique. The development of my voice within a short period of time was also noticed by colleagues who wanted to know "Where did that voice come from?" For me, Gary is a heaven sent guru whose expertise guarantees vocal advancement.

Chloe Dallimore - Musical Theatre Performer

Australian Production
"The Producers"

Australian Production
"High School Musical"
Photo: Jeff Busby
I began singing with Gary 18 months ago.  I can’t say enough about him and his teaching methods.  After singing for a number of years before joining Gary, I felt like I had hit somewhat of a ‘vocal plateau’.  Gary intimately understands the mechanics of the voice and everything he teaches is broken down into simple building blocks that we constantly expand on when short term goals are met. Being a very active and physical person myself, Gary has helped remove so much of the surrounding stress that was compressing my vocal range and resulting in constant vocal fatigue.  After 12 months, I returned to some of my old repertoire and couldn’t believe the ease with which I was singing it. There is no doubt in my mind that having Gary thoroughly prepare me for my first leading role in High School Musical – Live On Stage, resulted in a new found confidence and vocal consistency during a gruelling rehearsal period and an 8 show performance week.  Thanks Gary.

Chris Durling - Musical Theatre / Cabaret Performer

So Gary came to me and asked me to write a testimonial for his/this website. I, of course agreed, and then totally forgot about it for 2 months. Then with a gentle reminder I started to put pen to paper.... well actually fingertips to keys. Upon reading some of the other testimonials that are here, it dawned upon me that I really had nothing new or insightful to tell you.... certainly nothing that hasn’t been written already in someone else’s verse. All that has been said is more than true... But let me put it like this... When ever some budding musical theatre star / up and coming pop idol / experienced performer who wants to take their singing to the next level comes to me and asks my advice on who they should see to achieve their vocal goals... I simply tell them to get their phone out and take down a number. I give them the number and say... "Don't think about it, don't hesitate, just call. He is the best I know of and I'm forever grateful for being a student of Gary May."

Bobby Fox - Musical Theatre / Cabaret Performer


Frankie Valli
Australian Production
"Jersey Boys"
Photo: Jeff Busby

I have been singing professionally since the age of seven, and feel that I have never come across a more thorough singing teacher to date. Gary is constantly upgrading his skills and continually passing on latest developments in voice research to his students. He applies this information in a direct and easy to understand manner. His lessons are always fun and I never walk away feeling like I haven't accomplished something.

Mark Dickinson - Musical Theatre / Cabaret Performer

Gary May is one of those truly talented coaches / teachers.
He has the ability to impart knowledge about the anatomy of the voice whilst also keeping lessons effective and result driven. I have seen him solve serious vocal problems in many artists while they managed to continue fulfilling performance obligations and also experienced the major difference he made to my voice over many years. Gary is a friend, a teacher, a mentor and a great hope for any emerging artist…I recommend him to everyone, no matter what your style of voice!

John Bowles - Musical Theatre / Television / Cabaret Performer


Australian Production
"The Phantom of the Opera"

Australian Production 
My first lesson with Gary May was ten years ago on the recommendation of my agent. During our time together I have found in Gary a teacher of unparalleled knowledge and tireless enthusiasm. We have worked on many projects together from the audition phase through to performance and Gary's attention to detail has served me well. He has a thorough, logical and methodical approach to singing that demystifies a process that is often made more complex than it needs to be. Stylistically we have covered material from rock and pop to classical musical theatre. I have recommended Gary to many performers over the years and will happily continue to do so.

Spencer McLaren - Musical Theatre / Television / Cabaret Performer