I wish to highlight Gary’s pedagogical qualities that make him a leader in his field. It is not only his extraordinarily inquisitive nature and his quest for detail and perfection that have led him to where he is today. Gary also has a strong intuitive sense of a performer’s needs, an amazing musicality and an ability to extend the voice to a place of beauty. He has used science to understand this process but never to lead it. With Gary’s tutelage, the singer experiences the voice as an art form rather than a science.

Debbie Phyland - Speech Pathologist

Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre

Over many clinic attendances, we have gained enormous respect for Gary’s extensive knowledge of vocal physiology and for his natural curiosity for scientific rigour in his teachings. Proof of our respect for his skills are the many new clients we have referred to Gary for vocal rehabilitation over the past five years. His outcomes have been consistently positive and frequently spectacular to the extent that some singers have launched highly successful professional careers, others have returned after a period of absence and still others have enhanced their vocal longevity. Whether a shower singer or the most elite of performers, Gary treats each with the same care and concern, always reinforcing the importance of solid technique and adherence to vocal health principles, irrespective of the music genre.

Dr Neil Vallance - F.R.A.C.S. - ENT Surgeon

Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre
I have had a continuing relationship with Gary in regard to the current standards of vocal training for singers and have been constantly overwhelmed by his extraordinary knowledge of not only technique, but stylistic needs of classical, pop, theatre and jazz voices. My relocation to Melbourne in 2002 gave me a greater opportunity to discuss with him the technical and performing needs of singers and my conclusion is that I know of no other singing teacher in Australia with the breadth and depth of knowledge of the singing voice.
His understanding of not only the physiological but the stylistic needs of the performer, and the ability to offer remedial help to those in trouble is a rare gift.

Dennis Follington - Programme Leader - Musical Theatre

Lasalle - SIA College of the Arts - Singapore

In rehearsals I was continually impressed with Gary's relaxed, though highly effective style of musical preparation and his remarkable ability to pinpoint vocal and musical problems, then correct them instantly. As Musical Director this was particularly apparent in his work with the Western Australian Opera Chorus, whose thrilling choral solidarity and accuracy are testament to Gary's excellent coaching work.
He was always able to communicate his musical demands in an encouraging way and singers greatly enjoyed working with him.

Lindy Hume - Opera / Festival Director

It has been my good fortune to have Gary's expertise at hand while musically directing "Jersey Boys" and other productions. Gary's commitment to his students is what makes him so exceptional. Together we discuss how a performer is negotiating their role, and their progression over a long run.  With Gary's input, it becomes a holistic approach to the singer's vocal development both during present performance, and for their future. I have also had the good fortune of being a student of Gary's myself so I know how he has changed me for the better! However, also being able to witness the impact he has had on many of the singers I have worked with has been remarkable.

Luke Hunter - Musical Director - "Jersey Boys"