Pop / Contemporary Testimonials

I was recommended to Gary after having had a polyp removed from my vocal chords. I had developed vocal habits that were not serving me well as a contemporary singer. He provided me with better tools and knowledge so that I could not only maintain my craft, but in fact have more choices other than belting all my songs. Since our time together, singing has become so much easier for me and I apply Gary's teachings to my lifestyle, at gigs and in the studio.
Above all else, Gary is a wonderfully positive human being who is sensitive to the fact that real life and emotions play a big role in performance. He is always ready to lend an ear or helping hand to bring out the best in you.

Tania Doko - CCM Singer

I first met Gary when he was employed by our manager as vocal coach for Mercury 4. Gary has the experience and knowledge to help any voice reach its full potential, whether it be Pop, Opera or Musical Theatre. All aspects of vocal technique are covered ranging from the body's alignment, releasing stress and tension which often hinder our performance to the intricate goings on within the voice box and the surrounding muscle groups.
Gary's friendly and clear style of teaching through the use of diagrams, models and visualisation gave me a greater understanding of how to release the top register of my voice - something previous teachers were unable to communicate.

Cole Rintoul - CCM Singer

I was a student of Gary's for four years from the age of sixteen. I feel so privileged to have learnt from him and to have been his first baby as he called me. After much hard work I developed a sound classical technique. The best thing about Gary was his encouragement and his belief in me that I could become a good singer. Gary is unique and irreplaceable as I have found since his departure.

Becky Fox - CCM Singer

What can I say - Gary May is a legend. He saved my career.
I came to Gary with terrible voice problems. I had developed polyps on
my chords from bad singing technique over a 20 year period. I was in
need of an operation but before I went under the knife my speech
therapist and surgeon told me to visit Gary to see if he could teach me
a new technique. Oh my goodness, did he ever! I am a belter and give
my chords quite a hammering. Gary taught me how to preserve my voice
especially when the work load was very tough. I can now sing five
nights in a row, something I haven't been able to do in five years and I
haven't had to have surgery. I will be forever in his debt. He is a
very caring and understanding teacher and my only wish is that I had him
guide me when I first started my career.

Vika Bull - CCM Singer