What Can you Expect?


When you arrive at GMV Studio for the first time Gary will take you through an initial assessment to ascertain your current level of vocal development. This is a very important first step to design the future direction your lessons will take.
Firstly your musical aims and aspirations as a singer will be discussed followed by your musical background and tuition history. Then any medical conditions you have that may be affecting your vocal production will be examined. It should be stressed that at all times whatever is discussed in your sessions will always be respected and remain totally confidential.

Then Gary will ask you to sing a song or an aria which you have brought with you to the session to assess your present technical accomplishment. Vocal issues to be examined include body alignment, tone quality, breath control, tongue position, vowel shapes, jaw flexibility, onset of tone, range and aural ability.
Once completed Gary will then have some idea of what your strengths are and what direction the initial lessons should take. Finally realistic timeframes will be discussed and goals set.

You are now ready to embark on an exciting journey of self discovery through the wonderful medium of singing.

All singers accepted into GMV Studio will then be asked to complete The Ten Core Foundation Lessons irrespective of their technical accomplishment.

1       Power supply
2       Vibrational source 
3       Pitch change
4       The power of visualization to achieve technical outcomes
5       Vowel tracking
6       Articulation and Tongue / Jaw independence
7       Nasality
8       Onset
9a     Classical - Upper  passaggio preparation
9b     Musical Theatre / CCM - Belt mix
10a   Classical - Flexibility
10b   Musical Theatre / CCM - Belt